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NEC Hybrid PBX System

NEC Hybrid PBX System
NEC Hybrid PBX System


The NEC SL2100 is a versatile telephone system suitable for both home and business use. It offers a range of features designed to enhance communication efficiency and flexibility. Below is an overview of the key features and benefits of the NEC SL2100 as a telephone network for home and business:


Key Features:


The SL2100 is scalable to meet the growing needs of your business. It can easily expand from a small system to a large, enterprise-grade solution.

VoIP Capabilities:

Supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allowing for cost-effective and flexible communication over the internet.

Unified Communications:

Integration with unified communication applications enables users to access voicemail, email, and other communication tools from a single interface.

Mobile Integration:

Seamless integration with mobile devices allows employees to stay connected while on the go, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

Auto Attendant:

A customizable auto attendant directs incoming calls to the appropriate extensions, providing a professional and efficient call routing system.


Robust voicemail features, including voicemail to email, ensure that important messages are easily accessible and can be managed efficiently.

Call Forwarding and Transfer:

Users can easily forward calls to other extensions or external numbers, ensuring calls are directed to the right person or department.

Conference Calling:

Supports conference calls, making it easy for teams to collaborate and communicate effectively, even when members are in different locations.

Call Logging and Reporting:

Comprehensive call logging and reporting features help businesses analyze call data, track performance, and optimize communication strategies.

ModelNEC SL2100
Chassis dimensions435 x 92.9 x 330 mm / 2.2Kg
Chassis power supply90-264 VAC (50/60Hz) 143-182 VA
Built in PortsAnalog 3 / PRI 30 / SIP - 64

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  • Model: NEC SL2100
  • Weight: 2.20kg
  • Dimensions: 92.90mm x 435.00mm x 330.00mm
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