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Brand: Schneider Model: MTN630819
Schneider Electric KNX presence detector MTN630819 is in color polar white with a time delay of 0...1 s. Its matching mounting box can be recessed into the surface of the wall with flush type. The protection type is creep zone protection, improving safety level. The duty cycle of this device is 1530..
Brand: Schneider Model: MTN6300-0019
Range SpaceLogix KNXProduct or component type Presence detectorDevice application LightingBus type KNXColor tint WhiteNumber of channels 2Type of setting Light sensitivity adjustableTime adjustmentDetection face Radius: 4.5 mMovement detection area 9 mPresence detection area 9 mDetection angle 360°D..
Brand: Schneider Model: MTN6705-0008
SpaceLogix KNX Switch/Blind Master. For independent control of up to 4 blind/roller shutter drives or for switching up to 8 loads via make contacts. The function of the blind or switching channels is freely configurable. All blind/switch outputs can be operated manually using pushbuttons.MainRange o..
Brand: Schneider Model: MTN6710-0102
SpaceLogic KNX Universal Dimming Master. Dimming actuator with 2 channels for switching and dimming dimmable LED lamps, incan -descent lamps, HV halogen lamps, LV halogen lamps using dimmable wound transformers or electronic transformers or dimmable compact fluorescent lamps. (leading and trailing-e..
Brand: Schneider Model: MTN627819
Schneider Electric KNX push-button MTN627819 is in color polar white. Its matching mounting box can be recessed into the surface of the wall with flush type. Being made of plastic material, this push-button is quite reliable and resistant. This push-button belongs to M-Arc, M-Elegance, M-Plan, M-Pla..
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